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Divorce Coaching FAQ

What does divorce coaching offer:


* Explores emotions attached to separating/divorce

* Reinforces communication skills

* Provides tools to co-parent effectively

* Helps to get and stay organized with dealing with the business of divorce

* Lowers anxiety about the divorce process and the future

* Helps to reduce conflict with a partner

* Reminds you that acting like your best self is the best help


Is coaching just for those going through a divorce?

No. This type of coaching is for anyone struggling with a relationship, contemplating divorce or in the process of divorce. I can help you understand if this relationship is serving you now and if it will be 20 years down the road. 


Does a coach offer mental health, legal or financial advice?


No. A coach will help attain what you want and need from the divorce transition. We're here to help the client feel confident moving through this, often overwhelming time. But don't worry, I do have a group of vetted experts in all of these fields for you if you need them.


Is everything we talk about confidential?


Absolutely. As a Certified Divorce Coach, we adhere to a strict code of ethics.


Divorce is expensive, how can I justify having a divorce coach?

The truth is - having a divorce coach will save you money in the long run. Our fee is a fraction of what a divorce lawyer charges per hour.

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