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The big D. Oof...

Divorce is probably one of the least joyous words in the English language. Neither the process nor the word gets a lot of love. 

Unless you're a family lawyer.

The literal meaning of this unpleasant word is "to separate or dissociate (something) from something else. This is all very true. However, whether you have children or not, going through a divorce is much more than physically separating from something else -- regardless of how long your union lasted.


Divorce is a serious life event that should be handled with care.

In general, we marry -- 'til death do us part. But it doesn't play out that way for more than half of marriages. Despite this grim reality, whatever way you slice it -- divorcing is unpleasant, at best.


But it doesn't have to be a storm cloud that hovers over you forever or the event that defines you.



You have the power to face this difficult transition with grace and integrity and to be able to look out beyond the darkness.

I can work alongside you to manage the business of divorce, help create a co-parenting plan and keep you moving in a forward motion. Most importantly I can help keep you on the path to bring forward your best and most powerful self. 

The truth is, the process can be incredibly overwhelming to manage alone. But you can choose to take control of your future -- now.

Lean into this -- lean into getting some support. If it's not with a divorce coach, please use this time in your life to call on your people. Be as open and as vulnerable as. you can, it's going to help you heal. 

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